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After the very successful concerts held at Harcourt Park with the final one held by the Upper Hutt City Of Song Academy Charitable Trust in 2001, a group of individuals who were keen to see the concerts reinstated, got together in 2013, and decided they would do the work necessary to put on a concert in 2014.

A working committee was formed and the birth of “Upper Hutt City Of Song Charitable Club” was announced. With the support from the Rimutaka Licensing Trust and many businessdonations, including those from the ANZ Bank, Bold Motors,Wedell Plumbing, Gemac Motors,

DZine Signs and the Upper Hutt Leader, the concert turned out to be a brilliant success. Following this success, the committee decided they would run the concert again in 2015. All arrangements were made, our sponsors and artists came to the party once again, however after a brilliant spell of what could only be described as an Indian Summer, the weather gods were not with us, and a weather bomb hit just as the concert was to get underway.

Sadly, we could not get all the ducks in a row to reschedule for another concert in the 2015 summer season. We do however feel an ongoing appreciation to all the artists (especially Peter Hall and Lynda Reeve) who both flew over from Australia to be part of the entertainment. Of course along with all the artists, we had the support team, the stall vendors, and the committee members and all the sundry people who were involved in the  organisation of the event. Thankfully, two events which were planned to take place, were held at the Upper Hutt Cossie Club on the Sunday  evening. These included a tribute from the Southon Family to the late Celia Southon, and a reunion of the popular  Hutt Valley band  “Trixx” More details are available on our history page


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