The Fabulous Pakehas

The Fabulous Pakehas

The Fabulous Pakehas (TFP) are based in the Hutt. TFP are the Valley’s premier Rock n Roll outfit.

Since 1993 TFP have regularly played bars and venues all over NZ plus a couple trips to the GC in Oz.

Hard to pigeon hole into one style, these guys swing from the Wiggles to Henry Mancini, Johnny Cash to ACDC to Fleetwood Mac, Elvis to ELO… you name they have had a go! Including originals of which they just may pull one or two out on the day.

TFP 1 Antony Maddock Guitar
TFP 2 Scott McGill Bass
TFP 4 Bevan Ritchie Drums
TFP 7 Darren Minnoch Guitar

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