2015 Concert

2015 saw an amazing lineup of talent set to perform on the stage.

Sadly this concert was cancelled due to a weather bomb hitting the Wellington area and in particular Upper Hutt just as the concert was to begin. One of the features of this concert was that two well known Upper Hutt Muso’s,  travelled from Australia to do a reunion of the popular band TRIXX.  Peter Hall and Lynda Reeve graciously took time out of their busy Australian schedules, to do an appearance with other band members Lynne Radovich, Gary Mcfadyen. Whilst the concert cancellation did not offer them this opportunity, a hasty negotiation with the Upper Hutt Cossie Club, gave them a venue to perform to their fans on the Sunday night!

All involved including the Southon Family performed in awesome style, and made the Sunday night packed house a total success.

As mentioned above, the Southon family were also scheduled to do a tribute to the late Celia Southon (wife of Sam Southon) who passed away only months before the concert was to be held.  Whilst the organisers can arrange most things, unfortunately we have no control over the weather and we could not line all the ducks in a row to find a suitable replacement date.



Hopes shattered as the storm rolled in an hour before the concert was to start.