Gregg , the powerhouse behind the massive deep driving sound of  the band.

Greg began playing in bands in 1972 while at High School.

After leaving school he spent several years touring the South Island before settling in Christchurch, where he co-formed the successful bands “the Bubble Burst” and Vague Secrets”.

An album and 3 EP’s were released between 1979 and 1987 before he moved to Wellington.

He joined the covers band “Paradox” where he met Steve Brattle and the Joe Cocker Tribute idea (Hitchcock Railway) was hatched.

He has played in many other bands in Wellington most notably, Spinner, Trixx, Vibe, Way Out West and is regularly called on for his great grooves and years of experience.


Like all drummers, it’s very rare to get a good pic. They just fit in the background and do their thing.

In Gregg’s words..

“I Have always loved music. We had a piano and I taught myself how to play at an early age picking out the notes to my favourite songs. I then taught myself guitar and bass and played in bands from the age of 15.

At 17 I bought my first drumkit and have been playing drums now for 42 years.  Mostly as a “working musician” and with some original and recording success in bands The Bubble Burst and Vague Secrets in Christchurch 1979-86. I have played gigs all over New Zealand and was lucky enough to make a living off music for two years!

In 1997 I had my first “music lessons” at the Wellington Conservatorium of Music studying Jazz for 18 months.

I am currently in local bands Spinner and Pop Fiction as well as Hitchcock Railway.”