Jessie Ling – Guzheng (Zither)

Jessie has been playing guzheng for over 20 years and graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She now lives in Lower Hutt and teaches the guzheng to groups and individuals.

Jessie will be performing the following
  • Spring Festival overture and Radetzky March: The Prelude to the Spring Festival is the first movement of the “Spring Festival Suite”, composed by the famous Chinese composer Li Huanzhi. It portrays the warm and jubilant scenes of the Chinese people during Spring Festival – a picture of unity, friendship and mutual celebration. Radetzky March is the most famous work of Austrian composer Johann Strauss, often used as the last track of popular orchestral concerts. Every year the famous Vienna New Year Concert always ends with this piece.
  • Jasmine Flower So famous it’s like China’s second national anthem. The song has a long history, and it originated from the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. It vividly portrays a graceful girl who is attracted by a fragrant and beautiful jasmine flower. “Jasmine” has a high status among Chinese folk songs, and is popular in China and abroad.
  • Man of Determination – a martial piece, theme song from the film Huang Feihong

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