Peter Hall

Long time Upper Hutt music icon

From his early days as lead singer for “The Bitter End”, Pete was a regular part of the Wellington music scene.

After the Bitter End ,Pete worked with Sam Southon, Bill Gorrie, Allan Bateup and Ray Mercer in the Bill Gorrie Set. They were the first band to ignite live bands in hotels in the Wellington area when 10 o’clock closing was 1972. Pete then joined The Movement which were a Glam Rock outfit based at the Cabana hotel in Napier. Then working the Rotorua, Hamilton and Auckland scenes, touring with many artists like Ray Columbus,Susanne, Dave Mills, Shane and many others.

In Iater years, Pete was with Tidal Wave along with Steve Brattle, the late Graeme Osten and Hugh Jeffery.

Other groups were with the Southons in Jessica. Then came Trixx with Gaz McFadyen, Lynda Reeve, and later Lynne Phillips (now Lynne Radovich). This band also included Graeme Osten and Roger Watkins.

Peter has been involved in three Australian bands, namely The Breakaways, then The Chevrolets with Martin Hope. We did the British 60 show around Australia, plus the Cruise ships,working with Jimmy Barnes, Glenn Shorrock, plus many more.

Nowadays Peter is with PPR EXPRESS, a rock n roll band based on the Gold Coast. Peter formed long term friendships throughout NZ, with the many music icons prevailing through the 60’s, 70’s 80’s, 90’s and beyond with bands such as Trixx. Peter has always been a promoter and mentor of new talent, hence his commitment to the establishment of the original City Of Song Music Academy Charitable Trust.

Here catching up with an old mate  Midge Marsden.

Peter has never lost touch with his roots and constantly refers to his early muso friends as his family. This includes the likes of the Southon family, Ray Mercer, Lynne Radovich, Carl Evenson, Wayne Mason, Gary McFadyen and the list goes on.

And some members of the Southon family.

PPR Express with Roger Dunlop, Phil Eizenberg and Peter Van Roy

Bass & vocals Peter Hall
L/ Guitar & vocals Phil Eizenberg
R/Guitar & vocals Roger Dunlop
Drums & vocals Peter Van Roy


Catch Peter and friends live at the concert.  Get there early as they are the opening act.