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Red Door Recovery offers a new concept in the treatment of issues created by the abuse of drugs (including alcohol). Red Door also offers the Pipe Down Methamphetamine Recovery Programme to meet the unique challenges presented by Methamphetamine. Day and Residential residential programmes are available.

The Pipe Down Project video

Pipe Down was started by David Collinge in Wellington, New Zealand in June 2014. Its aim is to lobby Government and initiate legislative change to allow family intervention for methamphetamine addicts: To allow family members to build a ‘fence at the top of the cliff’ to help save loved ones trapped by meth. The group also offers advice to the people who wish to build that fence, via online conversations and online counseling from trained personnel. But the campaign and the Pipe Down resource can only continue and grow with financial assistance, which will come, in part, from sales of this song. Pipe Down receives no official funding. ‘You Just Don’t Care’ was written by David and tells the story of a mother falling apart due to her son’s dreadful journey with methamphetamine addiction. A mother who feels powerless. The Pipe Down Project is a group of Wellington musicians who donated their services free to the creation of this song, which features an incredible new vocal talent, George Lane, who captures the essence of the mother’s emotions beautifully. It is a true story, sadly, for many families. For more info on the Pipe Down campaign, please join us at He moana pukepuke e ekengia e te waka. The stormy sea can be navigated.

David Collinge

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You cant ‘fix’ things in 28 Days.

At Red Door, every programme comes with two years aftercare and support. The fact is, post-acute withdrawal symptoms can persist for two years. And, with what is a chronic relapsing condition, any Red Door client who feels in danger of lapsing in that two year period can come back into the programme for a reboot, at no cost. That is the commitment we make to anyone who commits to recovery; to reclaiming their lives from alcohol and other drugs.

We have a maximum of five clients at any time – small, focused groups in a responsive, caring and professional programme held in a family environment at a secluded recovery ‘ranch’ 40 minutes from Wellington, with large grounds, trees, gardens and a stream, with nearby bush and river walks. Ours is an evidence-based, proven holistic programme, held in a non-clinical environment.

At Red Door Recovery we don’t just focus on the problem, we also explore the ‘why’ – and there is always a reason; something underlying. And, without healthy connections in our lives, it is easy for us to make instant connections with drugs or alcohol. Or both. Until we uncover the reasons for our ‘self-medication’ and confront those reasons, long term recovery is extremely difficult. As Johann Hari says: “the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection.”

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