We had an amazing line up in 2018

(click on image to enlarge)

The opening act included some of the iconic Upper Hutt Talent

Including from Australia 

  • Peter Hall (ex Bitter End and Trixx )
  • Roger Dunlop (PPR)
  • Martin Hope (ex Fourmyula) (not Performing but here to catch up with old friends)

And the NZ contingent ….

  • Carl Evensen (ex Fourmyula currently with Itchycoo Park and Rag Poets)
  • Ray Mercer (ex Dedikation and currently with Reckless Bros)
  • Sam Southon Soloist and the start of the “Southon legacy”
  • Mark Southon (mainstay of UH music as a solo artist)
  • Sonny Southon (International star has worked with Duran Duran, Bob Geldof and Matt Bianco)
  • Lynne Radovich (ex Trixx and currently with Short Term Memory)
  • Gary McFadyen (ex Trixx and currently with O’Flynt)
  • Ali Richardson (ex Fourmyula)                
  • Chris Parry(ex Fourmyula)

Folks, the possibility of getting this lineup on any one stage at the same time was incalculable, so was not to be missed. And this is just the start of the outstanding lineup of entertainment.

We Can’t wait to see what awaits next Year!!