SONNY SOUTHON is a singer songwriter from Upper Hutt, NZ who is just about to release her long awaited album after a very long hiatus. She recently returned to New Zealand after having a successful career based out of London, singing for various artists, including Bob Geldof, Duran Duran, releasing two self-penned albums in the UK & USA and selling over 100,000 copies worldwide.

Sonny now lives in Lower Hutt and continues to perform solo and also with her family ’The Southons’.  She also manages and mentors and has recently set up a new company to help New Zealand’s young musicians.

Sonny signed to Warner Chappel Music Publishing UK Ltd and went on to release her first self-penned album ‘Falling Through a Cloud’ selling 80,000 copies worldwide and achieving critical acclaim in the UK.  The album was produced by David Kershanbaum (Tracy Chapman/Sheryl Crow) in LA and named Best Top 100 albums in the UK’s ‘Q’ magazine.  Her second album ‘All the Colours’ followed and was produced by Jazz musician,  Jeff Lorber.

During her time away from New Zealand, Sonny has enjoyed many great experiences including;  Joni Mitchell joining her on stage in LA for a very unexpected jam session; being hired to sing at Jack Nicholson’s birthday party; dinner at Bryan Ferry’s castle (baked beans followed by bread and butter pudding) and the legendary Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour playing harmonica while she played one of her songs at the piano at an impromptu jam during an after-show party, to name only a few.

Sonny loves all genres of music and her love of the human voice has led her to accidentally singing Opera in Italy, learning the guttural style of singing with the Gypsy Kings in the South of France, studying Mongolian ‘over-toning’chanting in India to exploring musical therapy using the voice as a possible means to healing.

Sonny now lives in Wellington, NZ continuing to write songs, record, perform whilst creating opportunities for New Zealand’s new musical talent.