Steve Brattle-Lead Vocals

Steve started his musical career back in the sixties playing in his first teenage band fresh out of school playing a mixture of covers and originals.

He had many opportunities of “go professional “ but was always dissuaded, thanks to his Dad to keep at his apprenticeship working as a sign writer.

Steve played in a variety of bands through the seventies and eighties enjoying regular gigs in bars – nightclubs – and session work in studios.

In the nineties he teamed up with Greg and Sly to form a cover band called Paradox who again enjoyed regular bar and club gigs.

In this band they always split the sets up doing a few different genres of music that suited each members voice.

Steve always seemed to get a good reaction when they played a collection of Joe Cocker songs and on many occasions were advised to put together a Joe Cocker

Tribute show, so they did and brought in a collection of other musos to make into Hitchcock Railway .

Steve says it’s not just the music but the enjoyment of the fellow band members company

He cannot recall having a bad night playing over the last 23 years with Hitchcock Railway !

 Little know fact that Steve was on the design team and was instrumental in the design of the Harcourt Park Stage.

The Stage is undoubtedly one of the best sound stages in the Greater Wellington Area, and perhaps in the Country.

 His vision for perfection, created this awesome venue in a natural sound auditorium.

We can’t go without mentioning that he worked very closely with the Rimutaka Licensing Trust who donated the stage to the Upper Hutt Community under the vested care of the Upper Hutt City Council.