The City Of Song Charitable Club Inc has focussed this event on “Suicide Prevention”

We believe that suicide has touched every family in one form or another and the rate of Suicide in New Zealand is simply astonishing.

Approximately 550 people take their lives every year and yes we all know or know of someone who has been the victim of suicide.

Mike King (yes the comedian)  has devoted his life to educating and assisting people who suffer from Mental Illness.

After losing Government funding, he has continued his work via the “Key To Life Charitable Trust”

Mike currently travels the Country working with different organisations and Schools to get the message out there, that help is available and positive choices are readily at hand.

     Your gold coin donation will go toward assisting The Key To Life Charitable Trust which relies solely on donations. You may feel you wish to donate to this worthy cause, and yes      you can.  No fuss no bother.  Simply visit the site, or contact us at City Of Song and we will guide you through the process.

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Should you have immediate concerns about someone’s wellbeing. Don’t hesitate visit the site  It is full of helpful resources.